Tosin is a Therapeutic Counsellor in Training. Her focus is to raise awareness on Taboo subjects and Mental Health Matters without any stigma and shame attached.

Tosin is a wife to One Love, mother of two amazing souls, a listening ear to many and a friend to some, a shoulder that most cry on, and most importantly, a contributor to humanity.

Driven by inspiring minds and helping people pursue their passion, Tosin's past is a driving force for the woman she is today. Her journey from grass to grace, her lonely moments, her depth of darkness and discomfort, her challenging health, and her history of having to survive on one or no meals a day, is what keeps her striving to do better.

After carrying the burden of feeling NUMB for almost 30 years, in 2018, Tosin finally decided to write her HEALING. This birthed the launch of her book, loved by so many: NUMB.

Tosin is passionate about subject matters that theme around Men and their Emotions, Sexual abuse, Trauma, PTSD, Abandonment, Stress, Child abduction, Neglect, Rejection, Sexual Addiction, Parenting, and Suicide. 

Tosin is available for public speaking engagements, TV appearances, Interviews, and workshops. 

"I Advocate for those without a voice. I love supporting people and their emotional wellbeing." - Tosin Ogwe.


The purpose of 'The NUMB Experience' is to open up a line of conversations focusing on trauma, mental health, and well-being. The NUMB Experience offers a safe haven for people to have an honest and candid conversation surrounding life's challenges and past traumas offering experts advise and how to seek the right support needed.

"Our aim is to stimulate minds by empowering, motivating, and supporting."


An honest, transparent, and shocking journey from childhood to adulthood with 30 Life Lessons learnt.

A therapeutic profile of Tosin’s Life Journey with the hope to inspire and encourage others to face their truths, deal with them correctly, and to live their best life.


This book is dedicated to those with Pain That Cuts.



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